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Are missing aid trucks being used for war in Tigray?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

A BBC report published today asked the question of whether hundreds of aid trucks that didn’t return from Tigray, Ethiopia since July 12 didn’t return because of a shortage of fuel? The article seems to provide support for that reason, but the UN numbers themselves quoted in the same article suggest otherwise.

UN says 200,000 liters (4-5 tankers) of fuel needs to arrive in Tigray, Ethiopia each week to meet the humanitarian needs. I reached out to UNOCHA & a spokesperson tells me that number is based on the 100 trucks a day that need to arrive in the region. 200,000 liters of fuel for 700 trucks.

Since July 12th - 300,000 liters of fuel arrived in Tigray, according to a UN official quoted in the article.. Based on the UN's data, that appears to be enough to support more than 1,000 trucks. If enough fuel for 1,000 trucks has arrived in Tigray in the same period in question, how can it be that there is not enough fuel for all of the 466 aid trucks that arrived in Tigray since July 12? About 428 have yet to return. Could it be that the trucks are being used for war?

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