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PRESS RELEASE FOR USE: #NoMore Nov 21 Global Rally

Historic #NoMore Global Day of Protests with A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition &

Black Alliance for Peace

Media Contact: *fill in here*

WHO: The Ethiopian-American, Eritrean-American community of ________ v, A.N.S.W.ER Coalition, and Black Alliance for Peace are taking part in a historic Global Day of Protests in 27 cities across five continents, to say No to War and No to the U.S.’ year-long Destructive Intervention in Ethiopia.

WHAT: #NoMore is a growing movement that is going viral on social media. It began with the US’ destructive foreign policy in Ethiopia. For a year, the US has supported armed insurgents (Tigray People’s Liberation Front - TPLF) in Ethiopia that are trying to overthrow the democratically elected Govt of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Up to hundreds of thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced.

WHERE: *fill in here*

WHEN: Sunday November 21, 1pm Local Time

WHY: The United States needs to live up to its values of democracy and stop supporting what is essentially an armed coup in Ethiopia. Ethiopians have voted for their Prime Minister and recently some rhetoric in the West has been suggesting military intervention against the elected Govt. We just left Afghanistan, Not Another War!

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