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  • Hermela Aregawi

Open Letter to WHO on Office’s Abuse of Authority

Dear Gabby Stern, WHO Director of Communications,

I am an Ethiopian American journalist with both parents from Tigray, Ethiopia. And the way your office is weaponizing your global health platform to push TPLF ethnofacist propaganda is criminal. It is a known fact that Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization is a leading member of TPLF, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

The TPLF is a brutal ethnofacist organization that kills in the dark and pretends to be “liberating” in the light. While the group were rebels in the 1970s, they first killed anyone in Tigray who went against their evil ideology before they did the same in the rest of Ethiopia and eventually got to top of government. 

The TPLF had its time. The people of the Horn of Africa have spoken. That time is over. Your office is digging a hole for itself and then planting seeds of resentment on the African continent that you are going to be working against for generations. Your deep racism for those on the African continent is so palpable. If you could see how you look to so many of us with roots in Africa, you too would be in disgust.

The people of Tigray, Ethiopia are suffering because of your office and its ethnofascist head - Tedros Adhanom. It is his criminal organization that is holding the people of Tigray as collateral in the hopes of ruling millions against their will. As we saw World Food Programme confirm, aid has been flowing into Tigray since April - yet the Guardian newspaper is reporting that women and girls in Tigray are being forced into sex due to hunger. Who is weaponizing the aid, TPLF members, local people in Tigray or NGO staff? We need to know. 

As a global health organization, is it worth throwing away what little you have left of your credibility by backing a terrorist organization? Or is it because you think Africans are so stupid that they won’t notice or remember? They notice and they will remember. 

We don’t expect you to start treating Africans like humans, but many people have spoken on social media. And this is just another way to put it on record so you can’t say later, “oh we didn’t know.” Your repulsive propaganda strategy is not going unnoticed. 


Hermela Aregawi

Ethiopian-American Journalist

Concerned Global Citizen

This letter was also emailed to a media communications email address listed on the UN World Health Organization’s website.*

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